You’re worth it!! (For Cam Models)

There is a lot of discussion on what a cam girl is worth and most (if not all of it) is from clients or perspective clients…. So what are you worth? You’re worth whatever you feel you are worth. I didn’t believe this at first believe me!! I really thought I needed to have the lowest ratings, do the craziest shows, bend over backwards (literally) for members. That just isn’t so. The longer I work the more I realize that mentality is destructive not only to my body but also my emotional state. I’m really lucky, I have great friends who I know personally in my real life, in my home town, who have helped me because they also do what I do. They told me from the get go that I didn’t have to do stuff I didn’t want to do (or even just felt iffy about) but I didn’t believe them. Ya my self worth was low for a whole bunch of reasons. I won’t get into why or how. That stuff has the usual text book answers that although are relatable, are going to derail this post.

You should set your prices as high or low as you are personally comfortable with and remember that most of the time, niche market will hail a higher price πŸ˜‰ NOT ALWAYS. It does depend sometimes on what it is but generally niche and fetish items take sooo much more time and effort. They require gear, script writing, massive details so you need to account for that in your price. But bottom line is, as a model, never under rate yourself. Go look at what other models are charging, research but don’t automatically think you’re not worth a price you deem reasonable OR needed. When I started I went with the cheapest pricing and okay it got me some clicks but it also brought me a lot of headache and demands I wasn’t prepared for. It also had me worker REALLY hard for very little. That’s never good and burn out IS REAL. So here I am only 3 months back in the game and I’m earning a reasonable wage and actually loving my job. I’m having fun and I like my clients! They like me and we both have fun and hey, that’s part of what this gig SHOULD be about. πŸ˜‰

Camming and the Holidays & When the Site Crashes

The holidays are nutoriosly slow for cam girls. You wouldn’t think so would you? Movies, newspapers, and random media always talk about the loneliness that threatens the average person this time of year, yet for the week before xmas you can find most cam girls sitting bored, not to mention broke.

I took the time off. I wasn’t about to sit there staring at my screen looking desperate for some fun time. Fun time being anything that gets me off which includes C2C, fetish, specific kinds of subbing and domming and of course squirting.

So today was particularly frustrating as the day after boxing day… The site was a hum and I had a hot, long session that actually turned me on quite a bit. I was playing sub to a gentleman. He was respectful, asked me my limits during the beginning of the exclusive. Asked me if I was okay with name calling, some amount of pain which he specified. Then we went to it. Some orgasms denial, some nipple torture ago fun stuff. The rest of my shift after this session was run of the mill but fun. Some JOI but nothing exciting and then the site fucked up.

You get all kinds of dudes blaming you for your connection regularly but when you have the best internet money can buy, let me tell you, it’s them not me. But when the servers for the site you work on start glitching and crashing, there is nothing more annoying. I was looking at a really good earning day to make up for the shit week I had…. And then my entire day was ruined and it ended up being a slightly better than average day. I tried for 2 hours to sort out the issue and hope that the servers would get fixed before I gave up. And now I’m sitting in bed with my stuffies, pissed off in my pj’s. No matter how hard you try, sometimes the odds are just against you.

I would keep trying, I would simply not sweat this but I have to get ready for a fetish party tonight. It’s a sexy clothing optional party where I’ll be waking around chaperoning some sexy bodies. I’ll tell you now about that tomorrow. Peace babes. KEEP IT KINKY 😘

The Sexy Journey Begins

Welcome to my little slice of the internet! It’s going to be sometimes sexy here, sometimes funny, and LARGELY ridiculous. I want to talk about sex, kink, fetish, and all the weird things that happen as a cam girl. I will likely talk about my experiences in the industry, how to be successful (where I’ve failed and where I’ve succeeded). I will also spew my inner monologue but mostly this is a place for me to express myself sexually and be honest about my feelings. 

Making eye contact during rough sex is roughly the equivalent to trying to read Dostoyevsky on a rollercoaster.
β€”Jenna Jameson